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It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.

Our Journey To Making Myfitcoach Successful.

Throughout our 13 years of experience as fitness professionals and enthusiasts, we have always been passionate about helping others. Initially this meant helping our clients to reach their health and wellness goals, but over time our vision expanded and we longed to help other coaches to succeed at starting and growing their businesses.

Most of the personal trainers and fitness professionals that we knew were good at their jobs. Really good. They were killing it when it came to helping clients to lose weight, build muscle, tone up or prepare for competitions. They spent years gaining the knowledge, training and skills to help others. But in the process, they didn’t gain the skills they needed to build a business. This was at no fault of their own, the educational programs designed to train coaches just don’t cover business topics such as creating a business plan, building a brand or website content generation.

That is where MyFitCoach comes in; you see we have already gone through the painstaking process of learning how to do all of these things. Some topics we learned about through formal education and other skills we learned through trial and error when we were building our own fitness business. We understood exactly where each of these coaches because we have been there before. And we didn’t want to watch other coaches struggle when we knew we could help them.

Today we work with coaches who are just starting their businesses or who have already built a client base but want to grow their businesses to reach more clients. We start by meeting with a coach, listening to their vision and goals for their business and then we get to work creating a business plan, designing logos and websites, creating valuable content to reach their target market, creating a strategic marketing plan and more. And we don’t just create a plan and move along, we walk through each phase with each coach, ensuring that they are confident in each step. Our team works closely with each fitness professional to make sure that they succeed. In fact our favorite part of what we do is the incredible relationships that end up forming between our team and the coaches; who doesn’t want to be surrounded by talented, positive and energetic people?

Each time we meet a new coach we are filled with enthusiasm because we can see the potential to build their businesses and really reach their professional goals. We love sharing in the adventure of growing a business and we look forward to helping them to succeed. We get to do what we are passionate about while helping others to reach their goals which is a pretty amazing place to be.


Meet Our Team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

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Our Clients

We have had the privilege of working with some of the best and most inspirational fitness professionals around. Each completed project leaves us energized and ready for more – that’s what working with motivational individuals and teams will do! Take a look at the portfolios we have for each fitness professional and contact us when you are ready to build your own.

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