Brand Development

In the fitness industry it is vital to develop a strong brand to engage and connect with your target market. At MyFitCoach, good brand management is the foundation of every marketing strategy that we create.

In order for us to represent your brand well, we need to really know you and your business which is why we start every project by meeting with you. We want to know your current marketing strategy, but more importantly we want to understand your passion, energy, mission and goals.

Once we understand the heart of your business, we get to work on the different aspects of brand development:
Brand Identity – What does your company look like? This includes the visual aspects of your company such as your logo, color scheme, graphics, font styles and images.
Brand Messages – What do you want to be saying to potential customers?
Target Market – Who is the ideal customer that you want to reach?
Communication Strategy – What is the most effective way to deliver your message to your target market?

A good brand management strategy will allow you to communicate your message efficiently to your ideal customer.
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    Brand Development

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    July 28, 2016


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